Christian Leadership And Apostleship

Promoting Christian Leadership And Apostleship Training In Ghana And Abroad

Promoting and sustaining transformative and impact-driven Christian Leadership and Apostleship Training is key to the advancement of the gospel of the Kingdom of God ,hence, KMH-International through its instrumental missionary leadership in collaboration  with its key partners, donors and sponsors in missionary operations is fully committed to rolling out its flagship programme for implementation in Ghana and across its target project Countries in our collective efforts to help strengthen the professional competence and efficiency ,capacity and expertise of Christian Leaders ,Missionary Practitioners and the Apostles of the Kingdom Business in Ghana and across Africa.

It Is therefore one of the core operational mandates and purposes for the establishment of Kingdom Mission for Humanity International ,hence, our determined efforts to collaborate and cooperate with all Christ-believing interdenominational churches ,ministries ,missionaries, institutions ,parish and congregations in the Country and across the World in building and strengthening  strategic alliances and synergies for the purposes of advancing the Kingdom Mission of Christ Jesus to the Nations of the World(Matthew 28:18-20) .

Kingdom Mission for Humanity International welcomes all denominations and allied Christian and Christ-believing Faith Institutions and Establishments to join hands with KMHI and its cherished partners and collaborating organizations, agencies and institutions towards promoting and facilitating the gospel of the Kingdom of God to all humanity.