Christian Mentorship and Coaching

Promoting And Sustaining Christian Mentorship Coaching In Ghana And Abroad

KMH-International as a fully-fledged Christian/Jewish Missionary And Humanitarian Agency is committed and more determined to advance its operational mission of sustainable human empowerment , capacity development and skills acquisition training for the Christian Unemployed Youth and Christian Women towards reigniting ,revitalizing and strengthening the creative , entrepreneurial and employable consciousness and potentials, capabilities and competence of members of the Christian/Jewish Faith and also by extension to all other persons from the non-Christian/Jewish Faith in all our present and future project communities .

This sustainable mentorship and coaching workshops and seminars will be strategically streamlined and implemented in phases with the joint collaboration and alliance with our partner interdenominational Christian/Jewish Faith-based Organizations, Public and Private Sector Organizations and Agencies, Business Entities and Diplomatic Missions in our collective to help promote sustainable socio-economic development priorities in all our project Communities and Countries.