Defence Of Christianity And Jewish

Defence Of Christianity And Jewish People In Ghana And Abroad

Kingdom Mission for Humanity Internationa(KMH-International) as a Pro-Christian And Jewish Missionary Organization is fully committed ,available and capable of defending the good cause of Christianity and the Jewish People in Ghana and Abroad .Since both Christianity and the Jewish People share common spiritual values , beliefs and traditions including the common religious identity of believing in the existence one Almighty God-Jehovah ,(The God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Israel), and who is eternally existent in three Persons(heads): Father ,Son and Holy Spirit, we strongly stand in full defence and protection of the religious rights ,liberties and freedoms of Christians and Jewish People in exercising their inalienable freedom of worship and manifesting their sacred faith for the betterment of humanity in  Ghana ,Africa and around the World .

KMHI in the light of this , strongly stand with all Christ-believing denominations ,churches ,ministries , missionaries , parish and congregations around the World in exercising and manifesting their legitimate religious freedoms and rights of worship in all communities around the World.