Eradication Of Poverty

Promoting The Eradication Of Poverty And Hunger In Ghana And Abroad

Eradication of Poverty and Hunger in a sustainable fashion continue to remain one of the cardinal organizational priority agenda of Kingdom Mission for Humanity International since its establishment, and as such it is imperative that ,all sister missionary institutions and agencies , faith-based institutions and organizations, government institutions ,civil society organizations and institutions ,business enterprises, international development organizations ,diplomatic missions , and all other public and private sector institutions and organizations strengthen cooperation ,collaboration and partnership in promoting development initiatives that socially and economically viable towards the sustainable fight and eradication of all forms of poverty and hunger in all communities and societies of human endeavours in Ghana and Africa .

This is because ,the advancement of the gospel of the Kingdom of God will be adequately attained and fulfilled when the holistic physical wellbeing of the people are critically catered for by all relevant stakeholders in the governance and development process of human societies and communities across Africa and around the World .

Hence, it is the priority agenda of Kingdom Mission for Humanity International to continuously build and revitalize sustainable alliance, cooperation and partnership with all relevant public and private organizations and institutions in Africa and Abroad towards the social and economic development of our modern societies and communities so as to propel the gospel of the Kingdom of God .

We are also committed to partnering with all relevant institutions , agencies and organizations in executing socio-economic oriented development projects and initiatives for the purposes of advancing the gospel and the humanitarian agenda of this Missionary Agency inn Ghana and Abroad.