Food And Shelter

Promoting The Universal Policy Campaign For Sustainable Food And Shelter For Humanity

Consolidating the universal policy campaign for sustainable food supply and sustainable shelter for humanity is key to the advancement and sustainability of the missionary initiatives  and gospel of the Kingdom of God to all humanity in Ghana and Abroad .This is because ,the basic and physical needs of man such as food ,water and shelter remain an indispensable  determinant and component in the existence ,survival and livelihood of humanity ,hence, all efforts required to be harnessed universally towards advancing the cause of humanity and to further boost the advancement of the gospel of the Kingdom of God to the most deserving and deprived communities and populations .

Kingdom Mission For Humanity International is poised and committed to promoting its missionary and humanitarian  mission and project initiatives in the areas of eradicating food insecurity and hunger ,and also boosting cooperation and partnership for the provision and expansion of sustainable shelter and housing for all vulnerable groups, the disadvantaged and deprived communities in Ghana and across Africa.