Guidance And Counselling

Promoting And Consolidating Guidance And Counselling For Spiritual And Physical Development

Guidance and counselling in its spiritual and physical perspective is an effective tool and one of the most powerful exercise that propels and boost the intrinsic and extrinsic dispositions and consciousness of man towards the fulfillment of destiny in life .Effective guidance and counselling sessions accompanied by prayer and directions is a key determinant to empowering and re-awakening physical and spiritual consciousness of man to his original maker/creator(God Almighty) .

Kingdom Mission for Humanity International as Christian/Jewish Missionary and Humanitarian Agency is dedicated to facilitating and providing free expert guidance and counselling services to all persons in our project communities in Ghana and Africa towards boosting and strengthening the self-consciousness and self-actualization of our clientele and prospective patronage of our free humanitarian guidance and counselling sessions .

We are also committed and supportive of extending our free humanitarian guidance and counselling and re-integration efforts in most deserving and needed communities and populations such as refugees and trafficked persons, youth and women groups, churches and mosques , schools and educational institutions  including other most vulnerable communities ,populations and groups in our target project communities in Ghana and Africa. As part this free humanitarian guidance and guidance exercise more experienced and competent guidance and counselling practitioners and professionals have been contracted on volunteer missionary services to help augment our human resource capacity in delivery of this humanitarian services to all our target communities in Ghana and Africa.

The central objective and purposes of this initiative is to help eradicate disenchantment and disorientation, mental and psychological slavery, psychological and psycho-social stress and complications, reduce and eradicate domestic and institutional violence and abuse, prevent conflicts and other forms of human aggression, prevent untimely deaths and domestic/institutional humanitarian crisis in all forms, prevent and eradicate psychological trauma and its adverse effect, prevent and eradicate violence against children and women and other vulnerable groups, prevent and eradicate socio-cultural injustice and promote sustainable peace .