How We Work


Our humanitarian missionary operations, programme initiatives and projects begin with the great interdenominational Christian community ,Jewish community and other allied Faith-based communities in Ghana, Africa and around the World ,whose foundational principles ,values ,beliefs and doctrines are centered on one Almighty God eternally existent in three Persons(heads) :Father ,Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as written in the Holy Scriptures such as the Christian Holy Bible and the Jewish Bible -Torah/Tanakh). We also have respect for other allied faith-based organizations and groupings whose foundational principles, values and beliefs are strongly centered on the one Almighty God (Jehovah) -Creator of the Heaven and Earth (Genesis 1:1, Psalm 121:1-2).

Kingdom Mission For Humanity International as a Christian/Jewish Interdenominational Missional Agency places much more premium on advancing the gospel of the Kingdom of God Almighty through sustainable humanitarian development initiatives for the purposes of re-awakening and re-igniting the self-consciousness of man to his Creator God Almighty , and for eternal salvation by grace and mercy only through Jesus Christ (John 14:6 , Colossians 1:15-18 ). We leverage on sustainable humanitarian initiatives to better the wellbeing of humanity in all our target beneficiary project communities and missionary outreach in Ghana, Africa and around the World .

We strongly believe that, the gospel can be realistically and widely taken to the doorsteps of our target missionary project communities and populations through sustainable humanitarian relief and livelihood initiatives that have the viable potency to propel sustainable socio-economic empowerment and transformation in all our target missionary project communities in Ghana and Abroad. Hence, the prudent need to prioritize the socio-economic needs and empowerment of all target missionary project communities in Ghana and around the World.

Additionally, we operate in our target missionary project communities in mutually-beneficial partnership , collaboration the cooperation with all already-existing Christian/Jewish interdenominational Institutions ,Agencies , Public and Private Organizations ,Business Entities, International Development Agencies ,Diplomatic Missions and Institutions including all other allied Faith-based Organizations and Institutions in Ghana and Abroad.

As a fully-fledged Interdenominational and Humanitarian Missionary  Agency  ,we prioritize and value the holistic wellbeing and development of humanity as a divine mission and call to duty for the betterment of all humankind  ,thus ,the spiritual and physical wellbeing of our missionary project communities and beneficiary populations are of prime importance to us in Ghana and Abroad as a Christian/Jewish humanitarian missionary institution .