Humanitarian and Refugees

Promoting And Strengthening Humanitarian Support And Protection Of Refugees In Ghana And Abroad

Kingdom Mission for  Humanity International(KMH-International) as a Christian/Jewish Missionary and Humanitarian Agency is highly committed and competent ,available and determined to continue its missionary and humanitarian advocacy and policy reforms in collaboration and partnership with all relevant international and national institutions ,diplomatic missions and development agencies ,public and private organizations ,faith-based and religious organizations and institutions ,business enterprises and multinational organizations towards boosting sustainable humanitarian efforts in all sectors of local, national and international governance and development. Indeed, as a Christian Charity Organization ,Kingdom Mission For Humanity International is committed and poised to advance its sustainable policy campaign for the protection and securing the wellbeing of Refugees and other vulnerable groups at the local, national and international arena .

We are therefore fully committed to sustainably advancing the cause of humanitarian support in times of humanitarian crisis ,conflicts ,hardships and disasters in the form of building and strengthening alliances ,partnership cooperation by bringing sustainable humanitarian relief and aid to those in critical humanitarian situations .

The sustainable protection ,survival and the wellbeing of refugees and other vulnerable groups continue to remain one of the topmost priority objectives of Kingdom Mission for Humanity International since its establishment ,hence, the unrelenting efforts to cooperate ,collaborate and partner with all relevant public and private institutions and organizations securing sustainable protection and wellbeing of all refugees and vulnerable groups in Africa and Abroad.

We are committed to continue strengthening cooperation, alliance and collaboration with all relevant local, national and international organizations and stakeholders in promoting humanitarian support and securing sustainable protection for all refugees and other vulnerable groups.