Jewish Faith Development

Promoting The Jewish Faith Development In Africa And Around The World

The enhancement, defence and sustainability of the Christian and Jewish faith development continues to remain the cardinal priority mission and purpose of the foundational establishment of Kingdom Mission for Humanity International (KMH-International) ,hence, KMH-International is fully committed and resilient to prosecuting its operational mission and mandate of contributing meaningfully towards the advancement and sustainability of Jewish-Christian faith development in Ghana ,Africa and around the World .

The advancement of Christian and Jewish faith has the proven and impactful potentials in contributing towards regional and global peace and development .Consequentially ,KMH-International as part of its advocacy and outreach missionary projects on Christian /Jewish development cooperation in Ghana and Africa has greatly chalked impactful success in most of its target project communities in the Country.

As such the prudent need for the advancement of same projects in key target communities in the Country and around the African continent and the World at large.