Kingdom of God and Evangelism

Promoting The Kingdom Of God And Evangelism In Ghana And Abroad

Advancing the gospel of the Kingdom of God and Evangelism remains the cardinal purpose, mission ,object and the foundational pillar of this Christian/Jewish Missionary Organization since its establishment .This Christian Missionary and Humanitarian Agency is dedicated to promoting the gospel of the Kingdom of God through sustainable humanitarian and socio-economic development initiatives for all humanity in Ghana and Abroad. As a Pro-Christian/Jewish Missionary And Humanitarian Agency ,dedicated to the advancement and sustainability of the gospel of the Kingdom of God for the purposes of improving the spiritual and physical wellbeing of humanity on earth for a glorious eternity after death and on the day of Judgement, (Ecclesiastes 12: 13-14 , Hebrew 9: 27, Matthew 25: 31-45, Matthew 28;18-20 , Luke 17 :20-21).

Consequentially ,this Christian missionary and humanitarian agency strongly and successfully operates in executing its field and outreach programmes ,projects and activities for all its target communities and populations through the sustainable collaboration and partnership with its local and international partners ,donors and stakeholders from the Christian/Jewish fraternity and from other public and private institutions ,organizations and business entities as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR).

Advancement of the gospel through sustainable and impactful evangelism is sine-quanon to fulfilling the divinely-assigned missionary purposes and vision of this Christian humanitarian agency towards transforming the lives and wellbeing of communities under its missionary operational projects and activities .It is therefore imperative that, the spiritual and physical wellbeing of humanity is seriously respected and taken care of ,thereby, restoring dignity ,hope and re-assurance to mankind through the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the accompanied humanitarian support .

KMH-International believes that, the core mission and essence of the Kingdom of God for all humanity can be realistically fulfilled by grace and mercy through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God Almighty (John 14:6).