Missionary Initiatives

Consolidating Support For Sustainable Missionary Initiatives In Ghana And Abroad

Promoting and consolidating support ,cooperation and partnership for sustainable missionary initiatives in Ghana and Abroad remains one of the topmost priority and corporate strategy adopted for the acceleration of the attainment of the operational mission ,vision and values  of Kingdom Mission For Humanity International in all its project communities .

Strengthening sustainable support for sustainable  missionary initiatives and projects remain one of the key operational strategies and purposes of ensuring that, the gospel of the Kingdom of God realistically get to the doorsteps of all our target project communities and populations in Ghana and across Africa.

We are therefore committed and ready and strengthen sustainable cooperation, partnership and alliances with all relevant interdenominational Christian/Jewish institutions and Organizations, Public and Private Sector Institutions and Business Entities towards advancing the gospel of the Kingdom of God to humanity in Ghana and Abroad.

We therefore available and ready to strengthen cooperation and collaboration with all sister Christian/Jewish missionary and humanitarian organizations and agencies in our collective efforts to deliver the gospel to all humanity at the local ,national and international arena of human development.