Policy of Non-Discrimination


Kingdom Mission for Humanity International and its Affiliate Organizations, Partner Institutions And Agencies, Allied Christian/Jewish Organizations And Institutions ,including its Stakeholder Agencies will not discriminate against any persons ,individual ,communities ,groups and countries on the basis faith, religion ,belief and denomination in all its humanitarian  projects implementation  process for its target project and missionary communities and countries .

As a  Christian/Jewish Missionary and Humanitarian Agency , our central mission and pivotal operational objective for humanity is to promote and sustain the values and purposes of the gospel of the Kingdom of God in all our missionary communities and humanitarian project communities towards securing the sustainable transformative  and prosperous wellbeing  of humankind irrespective of all considerations ,religious affiliations and background ,since Almighty God the creator of the heavens and earth does not discriminate .

Hence, we operate without any form of discrimination and without imposing our core foundational and operational values and beliefs on people, communities and individuals that do not share with or believe in the Christian/Jewish Faith or Christian/Jewish interdenominational values .As a Christian/Jewish Missionary and Humanitarian Organization ,we strongly believe that, the unlawful and unethical tendencies of pursuing people with compulsion ,hatred ,force of oppression and repression in securing their conversion ,soul-winning and so on , is counterproductive, wicked and evil ,which must be strongly condemned in all uncertain terms in this  21st Century World ,and that no religion ,belief or culture forced and imposed on people can ever stand the test of time .

Hence, we believe and respect the religious freedoms ,rights and liberties of all persons and humanity in general. This is because, since time memorial ,no religion or faith has ever succeeded through the evil scheme of compulsion ,hatred , repression and oppression meted out on people , Hence, we are also at liberty to exhibit and manifest our foundational Christian/Jewish missionary values and beliefs in the cause of executing all our co-funded and co-partnered humanitarian and developmental project in all our project communities.