Religious Harmony

Promoting Religious Harmony And Peaceful Co-Existence In Ghana And Abroad

Promoting the cause of the Kingdom of God through sustainable respect for religious harmony and peaceful co-existence continuous to remain one of the effective mechanisms and methodologies of successfully proclaiming the gospel in all our target project communities and operational missions .Indeed, Kingdom Mission For Humanity International since adopting one of its operational mission and principle of respect for religious harmony and peaceful co-existence has propelled this Christian Humanitarian Agency to strategically and successfully position itself as a fully-fledged Christian Interdenominational Missionary Agency to deliver on its core operational mandate of humanitarian missionary operations and initiatives in some of its project communities and localities which are predominantly Non-Christian and Non-Jewish oriented per religious and faith orientation in those deserving deprived communities .

Kingdom Mission For Humanity International(KMHI) strongly believe that, for the gospel of the Kingdom of God to be realistically and meaningfully delivered and further taken to the doorsteps of Non-Christians ,unbelievers of Jesus Christ and Peoples of other faith and sects, it is imperative that, the culture of respect for religious harmony ,tolerance and peaceful co-existence with other Non-Christian ,Non-Jewish Faith Institutions ,Groups and Organizations is highly enhanced in order to help prosecute the Kingdom business agenda of delivering the gospel of Christ to those communities through sustainable humanitarian initiatives and development projects towards consolidating and solidifying the substance and purposes of the word of God to these target project communities and populations .

This mechanism has proven effective and successful in all major and minor missionary operations and programmes since the establishment of the KMHI in pursuance of its missionary and humanitarian mandate of advancing the gospel of the Kingdom of God to all religious denominations , persons ,populations and in all communities around the World through the medium of religious harmony and peaceful co-existence .

This is because the Holy Bible is explicitly clear and authoritative ,uncles one is born again and accept Christ as his life and personal saviour ,he cannot be saved and cannot have access to enter the Kingdom of Heaven by just merely believing in God Almighty, but true salvation of man to a glorious eternity in Paradise or Heaven can only be accessed and secured by true repentance through grace and mercy of Christ Jesus .