Research And Human Empowerment

Promoting Sustainable Research And Human Empowerment

Sustainable research and human empowerment is a key determinant to advancing the gospel of the Kingdom of God to humanity. Hence, Kingdom Mission for Humanity International will continue in its corporate efforts towards strengthening sustainable research and human empowerment for the realization of human development, individual aspirations and prosperity for all.

We are also committed to building and strengthening sustainable alliances, cooperation and partnership with all relevant stakeholders such as international development agencies and institutions, national and local government agencies and institutions, faith-based and religious institutions, business entities and other relevant organizations and institutions in Ghana and Abroad.

Sustainable and evidenced-based research is an effective tool in accelerating sustainable human development for the present and future generations, as such the need to continue investment in sustainable and evidenced-based research to facilitate and consolidate sustainable human development planning in all sectors of human endeavours .

Kingdom Mission for Humanity International will therefore continue to promote sustainable research for human development through the empowerment of the rich human resources abundantly available in our communities and societies .