Universal Cooperation For Peace

Promoting And Strengthening Universal Cooperation For Peace And Sustainable Development In Ghana And Abroad

Advancing and consolidating universal cooperation ,collaboration and harmony for peace and sustainable development priorities remains one of the priority policy agenda of Kingdom Mission for Humanity International since its establishment . Our corporate priority agenda for peace and sustainable development is indispensable to the advancement of every missionary initiatives and by extension the spread and consolidation of the gospel of the Kingdom of God for all humanity in Ghana and Abroad.

Hence ,Kingdom Mission for Humanity International will continue to build and strengthen its organizational cooperation and alliances, collaboration and partnership with all relevant international , national and local institutions ,organizations and agencies , diplomatic missions and institutions, all  faith-based organizations and institutions ,youth groups ,women groups,  business entities and all other relevant stakeholders in our collective efforts to strengthen the universal culture of harmony and cooperation for sustainable peace and development for all communities and countries of Africa and around the World .

Peace and stability remain the bedrock of sustainable human development ,prosperity and progress ,hence, Kingdom Mission For Humanity International is fully committed and prepared to help advance the cause of sustainable peace and development for all humanity in its project communities home and abroad.