Zionist and Jewish Heritage

Promoting The Zionist Agenda And Jewish Cultural Heritage In Ghana And Abroad

Advancing the sustainable cause of the Zionist Agenda and the protection of Jewish Cultural Heritage in a sustainably peaceful and diplomatic fashion continues to remain the priority organizational mission and vision of Kingdom Mission for Humanity International (KMH-International) since its establishment in accordance with the fulfillment of the Holy Scriptures thus, the (Holy Bible ,Torah/Tanakh-Hebrew Bible) for the purposes of defending and supporting the cause of the Holy Land of Israel (State of Israel) in the Middle East .

KMH-International as a Pro-Christian/Jewish humanitarian missionary organization is truly committed and dedicated to defending and supporting the cause of the State of Israel (Holy Land of Israel), towards the advancement of sound sustainable policies and development initiatives of the Jewish Government(State of Israel) and the interdenominational Christian World for the betterment of Jewish people and the sustainable preservation of rich Jewish Cultural Heritage and Jewish Identity in the Holy Land and around the World .

KMHI is also committed and resolute to fully supporting the cause of protecting and promoting the rich Jewish Cultural Heritage in the Holy Land of Israel and around the World in fulfillment of the sustainability of the Holy Scriptures. KMHI therefore believes in the restoration, defence, protection and promotion of the biblically historical Holy Sites, Monuments and the rich Cultural Heritage of the Jewish People as truly and authoritatively written in accordance with the fulfillment of the Holy Scriptures(Holy Bible and the Tanakh/Torah).

We strongly stand with the State of Israel in protecting and defending its territorial integrity and sovereignty against any internal and external aggression. KMH-International strongly and fully support the protection and defence of all the Jewish and Christian historical sites in  the Holy Land of Israel and all other vulnerable sites depicting the rich historical facts ,religious history ,mystics and spiritual values of the Christian and Jewish faith .